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  • Thanks a lot for sharing our passion for skydiving.

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing our passion for skydiving.

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing our passion for skydiving.

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing our passion for skydiving.

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  • Thanks a lot for sharing our passion for skydiving.

Fabrics & Colors

At SONIC Flywear we are constantly researching for innovative fabrics on the market that allow best durability, high quality and long-lasting colors while being produced sustainable and sourced locally. Due to that we are sourcing all of our fabrics from Spanish providers.


The standards in the sports and leisure market are not only affected by fashion trends. There are  increased requirements for comfort, benefit and functionality in different fields of application. 

100% Polyamid. Designed for living and built to last, 100% high tenacity nylon 6,6 filament fiber, Medium weight, excellent resistance to abrasion, easy to wash and dry. Its a woven fabric with its coating finishing fabric it makes it very strong. It is made for garment reinforcement and protective.


100 % polyester. Light weight, high strength and slick material – is particularly suitable for areas of the suits needed speed and where drag needs to be decreased such as belly flyers. It has good tenacity and the strength lasts in time. Low breathability.


100 % Polyamid Cordura® water reperlent : Breathable – very light weight for the confort of the mouvements. Durable and robust, the fabric is water-repellent and windproof due to its additional PU
coating. A hydrophobic synthetic fiber, which therefore removes moisture.


72% polyamide / 28% elastomer. Used as an inner layer to make it more softer. The fabric reduces overheating and perspiration buildup.


Stretch fabric that combines Polyester and Elastan: Breathable, fast and quick drying for spring & summer time.


Polycotton is a fabric made from a blend of cotton and artificial fibres, especially polyester fibres. Polycotton blends are strong, durable, tear and abrasion resistant. Perfect for the students, first timer.
Polycotton is also soft and light due to the fiber blend and it is less susceptible to excessive shrinking, piling, wrinkles, and static.


Sometimes also referred to as Spandex. A blend of polyamide and elastane. It’s a stretchable fabric in all directions very comfortable and gives freedom of movements at specific areas while maintaining its retraction rate. It is lightweight, smooth, supple and used on specifics parts of the suits.


A blend of polyester and elastane with a 100% PES Hydrophilic membrane. It’s a very thin layer that functions much like a filter, allowing us to stay outside yet still protected from cold, wind, rain and


Our exclusive material for the super tight Matrix suit. 100% polyester. Heat resistant, high strength, abrasion resistance and wrinkle recovery properties.

Not enough colors? Please get in touch with our customer service. We may be able to provide you with some extra colors for your Matrix personal suit, if needed.


2 Ply 100% Nylon Water Repellent. It’s a very resistant, high density and light weight. Breathable and rapidly wicks away moisture. Dedicated to the outdoor, the fabric is wind resistant and doesn’t distort. The finer the fibers are the smoother and softer the fabric.